Translation Transcription Infidelity (TI)
Into Multiple Affordable Cures
For Both Human and Animals


Genclis SA is a biotechnology company focused on developing therapies for both human and animal health using Transcription Infidelity (“TI”). TI is a patented process that begins by analyzing differences between RNA and DNA sequences to identify translated proteins capable of causing the production of either Immunoglobulin E (“IgE”), the antibody responsible for most forms of allergies or Immunoglobulin G (“IgG”), the workhorse of immunity that accounts for most of vaccine efficacy. Genclis uses its proprietary patented platform technology to develop therapies that elicit self-produced antibodies that block disease-causing proteins irrespective of their endogenous or exogenous origin.



dna 1903318

Science of TI

Transcription infidelity An Ubiquitous Biological process

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To develop tools required for precise medicine


« The difference between a low-intensity signal that precedes any major transformation and noise is that the second is random, while the first is not. »

Bernard Bihain, CEO