Genclis Human & Animal Health
  1. Genclis commercializes pre-clinical and cellular models in allergy and autoimmunity to evaluate novel therapeutic, probiotic and nutritional solutions.

  2. Genclis assists commercial partners in :
    1. Evaluating intrinsic allergenicity of pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic ingredients;
    2. Etablishing industrial procedures to control or suppress ingredient’s allergenicity;

  3. Genclis engages in exclusive industrial partnerships for co-development of Transcription Infidelity Assisted Sequential Immunization programs for infectious and immune diseases.
    Genclis is developing therapies across four verticals: endogenous, viral, bacterial, and parasitic. Genclis has identified 20 priority targets using four criteria: competitive advantage, market opportunity (total addressable market), feasibility (probability of success), and speed (time to market). Ten of those should enter clinical development in the next 5 years. The first targeted therapy will enter human clinical phases in 2020.

  4. Genclis manufactures and commercializes cutting edge reagents for diagnostic and preclinical use.

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