Translation Transcription Infidelity (TI)
Into Multiple Affordable Cures
For Both Human and Animals

Founded in 2004, GENCLIS is a Research and Development company, focused on harnessing humoral immunity to produce novel diagnostic and therapeutic solutions addressing unmet human and animal needs.

Genclis’s technology relies on its proprietary discovery of Transcription Infidelity (TI) * (issued patents) that define both innate and adaptive humoral immunity.

  1. Genclis commercializes pre-clinical and cellular models in allergy and autoimmunity to evaluate novel therapeutic, probiotic and nutritional solutions.
  2. Genclis assists commercial partners in :
    1. Evaluating intrinsic allergenicity of pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic ingredients ;
    2. Etablishing industrial procedures to control or suppress ingredient’s allergenicity ;
  3. Genclis engages in exclusive industrial partnerships for co-development of Transcription Infidelity Assisted Sequential Immunization programs for infectious and immune diseases.
  4. Genclis manufactures and commercializes cutting edge reagents for diagnostic and preclinical use.


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